About Harmon Educational Books.

Harmon - Publishing Company
Harmon is a New Delhi based Publishing House working towards excellence in the Printing and Publishing. Harmon started with a simple aim - to publish innovative books for primary education i.e., creating a platform for babies, toddlers and young generation of India.

Harmon believes in social service through innovation and technology. Our team of authors comes with several years’ experience in the field of education. We are sure that our readers with their support and feedback make us a pioneer in the field of education.

 It has been our endeavour to design the books in such a way that the entire fraternity of education enjoys reading and learning from our books, which incorporate wide range of innovative and educative contents.
Our team of authors knows that the books which we are providing for the primary education of our younger generations are the first impressions in their minds – whether it is about learning alphabets, counting or the fascinating field on the lives of dinosaurs.
We would like to extend our gratitude to all the teachers, authors, editorial staff, graphic designers and production team for their dedicated efforts in making best in class children books incorporating updated contents so that the readers can have access to the latest information in every field.

We can help reach your goals by providing 24x7 support, free updates, unlimited options and varieties of good quality books and other educational supplements.